Products from our

own research

Harmonization of elektrosmog


In today's world, it is becoming increasingly challenging to live in a healthy atmosphere. One of the main problems is the growing burden of wireless radiation. With Relux products, we aim to balance the excess of electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic energy.

Harmony and Vitality

Aurum und Ferrum

The energy of iron and gold is used to support and stimulate the life forces of individuals. The iron source strengthens, revitalizes, and energizes. With the acquired power of gold, the gold source supports inner harmony, lightness, and balance.


Aqua Relux

With AquaReLux, water is enhanced with all the life forces present in nature and energized with the intrinsic frequencies of iron, oxygen, and gold. With our products, you can enjoy water as if it were from a natural spring, without any mechanical influences or chemical additives.

Sources of effectiveness of our products

Learn more about how Relux energies are created. In the animation, we explain the function of our energy sources and how the energized force fields enable the effectiveness of our products.