ReLux is primarily composed of our research team, Wolfgang Findeisen and Johannes Käßner, and the director and managing director of our manufacturing, Markus Schlegel. The implementation of the products is supported by the carpenter Peter Kuhn."

Wolfgang Findeisen


As the parents of three now grown children, he has been living in Heiligenberg with his wife for 44 years. It was there that he embarked on researching the living world since 1990. Unbiasedness, creativity, and precise observation had to come together to make the impossible possible. His life was initially dedicated to education. Since 2001, he commenced intensive research into the forces of life 'in themselves' and their technical application to address environmental issues in all fields.

Johannes Käßner


Johannes is married and a father of one child. His primary interests have always been nature and the artistic. He completed his undergraduate studies in Anthroposophy and sculpture. Since 2016, he has been involved in our research. The main focus of his work is the examination of the zodiacal forces on plant growth using the Astrostat. Additionally, he explores the practical effects of ReLux energies.

Markus Schlegel

Managing Director

Markus is married and a father of three children. He was able to experience the forces that operate in nature up close during sailing journeys in various parts of the world. What fascinates the trained boat builder in his work every day is that these forces can also be intentionally generated and used for strengthening and balancing. He is responsible for consultations, sales, and harmonization projects.

Golda Schmiederer

Order Processing, Customer Consultation, Social Media Marketing

In addition to customer consultation, Golda ensures that you stay up to date and gain insights into research and product application - in personal conversations or on our YouTube and Instagram channels.

Katharina Ungerer


Both the individual raw materials and all finished products pass through Katharina's hands because her responsibilities include "energizing" the products as well as packaging them.

Peter Kuhn

Sculptor and Carpenter

Peter is married and a father of three children. He serves as our link between research and craftsmanship. Whether it's creating prototypes for research, preparing woodwork, or crafting energy sculptures, his understanding of artistic design and his craftsmanship skills make him an ideal addition to our team.