Water Veins and Earth Rays

Disruptions and disturbances often occur beneath the Earth's surface. Underground faults, fractures, air and water-carrying veins, conglomerates, and more can cause various disharmonies in the natural electromagnetic field. They penetrate the Earth's surface and the buildings above them.

In addition, there are grid networks such as the Hartmann, Curry, and Benkel grids. These grids intersect at certain intervals. People often react to such disturbances with restlessness and insomnia. The body's ability to regenerate during the night can be significantly affected when exposed to constant irritants during this time.


With the Relux Energy Sculpture, these burdens can be balanced. Deep, restful, and rejuvenating sleep becomes possible once again. The body and mind can regenerate, replenish energy, and start the day feeling stronger and refreshed.