Environmental influences: water veins

"What are 'disturbing earth rays'?

If there were no hills and valleys, and if the Earth were a flat surface without interruptions, all geological formations underground would stack perfectly evenly over each other, and water would distribute itself evenly between the layers: there would be no disturbing earth rays at the Earth's surface. The entire natural electromagnetic field of the Earth could oscillate uniformly everywhere. A constructive and soothing atmosphere would be spread at every point on the Earth's surface. However, interruptions and disturbances occur very frequently. Underground ruptures, faults, air and water-bearing veins, conglomerates, and more cause various disharmonies in the natural electromagnetic field. They penetrate the Earth's surface and every building above it.


What can these disturbances trigger in humans?

People often react to such disturbances—whether they are of geopathic nature or related to grid crossings—with nervousness, concentration problems, exhaustion, and even severe illnesses, among other things. But above all, sleep is significantly influenced by these disturbances. During sleep, we spend an average of seven hours in one place. The body's ability to regenerate during the night can be greatly affected when it is exposed to constant zones of irritation during this time. This can often lead to restlessness, insomnia, and nightmares. Therapy resistance can occur, and existing medical conditions can worsen.

Balancing Effects in Nature

In contrast, powerful layers of sand at the Earth's surface or large and thus uniform layers of water have balancing effects on disturbed terrain. Landscapes with high copper content at the surface are nearly free from disturbances. For this reason, various copper applications have been used since ancient times to counteract the effects of disturbing earth rays.

Relief through the Effect of Copper

Copper, when used in the finest traces, can have healing effects. Victor Schauberger used phosphoric copper to increase the growth and strength of plants—with remarkable results. In medicine, copper is primarily used in homeopathic dosages for kidney treatments. It supports the even warming of the organism and a calm and deep breath, which can lead to a deeper sleep.

We can enhance the effects of copper with the Energy Sculpture by precisely incorporating copper into specific geometric shapes and aligning them with the proportions of copper's natural frequencies. This can create a uniform light throughout the entire room and make deep, restorative, and revitalizing sleep possible again. The body and mind can regenerate, recharge, and start the day feeling strengthened and refreshed.