Our researchers, Wolfgang Findeisen and Johannes Käßner, provide answers to the most common questions about our products.

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What generates the force in our products?

The force doesn't originate; it already exists. The entire atmosphere is permeated by these forces. Our products attract, amplify, and emit these forces. These forces have been known for eternity, and they are also referred to as ether forces.

What are the ether forces?

Aether forces are present everywhere in the world where there is life, development, growth, and maturation, in all processes of becoming and emerging. They cannot be seen or measured, and yet they exist. No plant could grow without them.

Aether forces, in the sense we use them, have been known since ancient times. They are also referred to as chi forces. The Egyptians called them "Anch." Aristotle referred to the sphere beyond Earth, water, air, and fire as the Aether, which is spread throughout the entire celestial world.

What is special about our Relux principle?

Today's technology relies on energies and forces derived from material states and decay processes. We refer to this as the technology of gravity. If the Earth were to develop solely from decay processes, there would be no life on it. Similarly, for humans, there would be no life if they only exhaled. Inhaling and exhaling in balance are essential for a healthy life. Does the same not apply to the Earth? Inhaling and exhaling of matter correspond to its creation and dissolution, the binding of forces during creation, and the releasing, unbinding during dissolution.

The excess of gravitational technology needs to be counterbalanced with the forces from the other side, the binding of energies, in order to work towards equilibrium.

For this purpose, we are working on enhancing the ether forces.

How do the ether forces get into the products, and how do they manifest outwardly?

It depends on the arrangement of the materials, similar to a radio antenna. The tuning of frequencies determines which station I listen to. The same applies to ether forces; they also vibrate. We arrange materials based on these vibrations, creating something like an ether transmitter. There are countless different vibrations. We pick up the ether vibrations and transmit them into space. It's an accumulation of ether forces into the space.

What are the products made of, and what is contained in them?

Our products can be broadly categorized into different groups: wood products, glass products, varnish products, and rock powders. They all have in common that they absorb and store ether energies as natural carrier materials.

The question is likely: What is inside the wooden boxes? The wooden boxes of Reluxquelle and Aetherquelle Aurum contain specially prepared beeswax sheets, minerals, and pure gold.

The Aetherquelle Ferrum boxes contain various types of wool and metals arranged in precise proportions to each other.

In the Geometh, copper is arranged in a special way.

Through the precise arrangement of these materials, the omnipresent ether forces are attracted and amplified, then released into the environment.

How long are the products durable? How can they remain effective for such a long time?

Based on our past experiences, our products are indefinitely durable as long as they are not damaged.

They can remain effective for such a long time because they continually attract, amplify, and emit the vibrations present in their surroundings.

Where and how should I place the products?

To allow the full power to unfold, the boxes should be placed vertically. The Aetherquelle Aurum box primarily emits its energy from the upper large surface with rounded edges.

If the energy is perceived as too strong, the box can be placed horizontally and possibly further away.

The Geometh, on the other hand, only works when placed horizontally. The placement can be freely chosen. Nothing should be placed on it to avoid diminishing its effect.

Do Relux products interfere with each other?

No, on the contrary, the devices complement each other very well. Often, a combination of, for example, Aether source Ferrum (vitalization) and Relux source (solution and relaxation) is recommended. Each of our products works on a different level. Therefore, they do not interfere with each other; instead, they complement each other.

Do Relux products interfere with other energy products?

Our previous experiences indicate that products from other manufacturers also operate on different levels, so they do not interfere with each other but can be used in a complementary manner.

Initially, I felt a strong effect from the devices, but not anymore. Has the effect diminished?

No, over time, the body starts to accumulate the energy in a way that its own energy level becomes closer to that of the field emitted by the products. Once your own energy level has harmonized with that of the product, you may no longer perceive the field's strength. However, this does not mean that the effect has diminished. One could refer to this as becoming "accustomed" to the field.

Does it make sense to take the products with you when traveling?

The radiofrequency (RF) radiation levels in buses, trains, and hotels have become quite high, which can make traveling more exhausting. For on-the-go situations, we have developed our glass pendants, which can be comfortably worn close to the body. All other products are suitable for taking on longer trips or vacations. They should be transported with care to prevent impact damage and protected from extreme heat or cold exposure.