For more than 20 years we have been creating solutions for electrosmog, the water quality and room atmosphere.

Your home: Your energized protective shield

Individual room harmonization

From our decades of experience, we know that a balancing impulse, placed in the right spot, can enable a completely new sense of life! Spaces that previously felt oppressive and confined can be transformed into places where one can recharge, breathe freely, and relax.

Our unique technique

The Relux principle

For many years we have been engaged in the study of the intrinsic nature of substances, of movements and rhythms, proportions and forms. From this we developed our technique of lightness. It consists of combining different substances that have polar properties in a certain way and bringing them into corresponding distance relationships. The result is a variety of "energy sources" that generate energies with very specific properties for different applications. Selected carrier materials are charged with these energies, turning each of our products into a permanently effective energy source.

Vitalized water

Improvement of water quality

Water is known as one of the most sensitive media of all - it quickly absorbs information from the environment and stores it over long periods of time. Aqua ReLux uses these properties of water to achieve an improvement in water qualities.

Stresses in everyday life

Identifying and balancing sources of interference

Within a few years, a worldwide network of very strong artificial electromagnetic fields has been established. These frequencies intrude into the natural environment and all living beings with very few possibilites for adjustment. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people experience increased exposure to wireless technology and report being sensitive to it.


Products from our own research

The purpose of ReLux is to utilize the forces generated by the energy sources and bring them into the world in the form of products, so that they can reach people and find practical applications.