Relux Source Energy Sphere


For outdoor use. For harmonizing against electromagnetic pollution and enhancing life force in humans and all natural realms. Soothing, strengthening, expanding, and stress-reducing.

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The Reluxquelle Energy Sphere is a handmade product designed for outdoor use.

It facilitates the strong spread of light and life force. It can relieve tensions caused by artificial electromagnetic fields. Additionally, it can enhance life force in humans and all natural realms. The Reluxquelle Energy Sphere for outdoor use has a calming, strengthening, expanding, and stress-reducing effect.

Mechanism of Action

All components of the Reluxquelle Energy Sphere have been carefully imbued with the energies of the Reluxquelle Tower. This tower was constructed with substances such as gold, beeswax, magnesium, and silicon.

By amplifying the powers of these substances, we achieve an increased dispersion of the four ether types, particularly the light ether and chemical ether, allowing us to balance the effects of artificial electromagnetic forces.


We recommend placing the energy sphere at the entrance to your home or in the garden, in the most open location possible. If there are no obstacles, the energy sphere's influence can extend over several hundred square meters. Strong electromagnetic pollution and structural obstacles in the vicinity may require multiple Reluxquelle Energy Spheres. For very high levels of exposure, we recommend placing 2 - 4 spheres around the house.

Type and Duration of Effect

Based on our 20 years of experience, the effect of our products is unlimited. They continuously attract the etheric forces present everywhere in nature and amplify their emission.

In case of moss growth, it is advisable to clean the surface with clear water and a brush to ensure the energy can always unfold unhindered.

The Relux team celebrates the 500th Energy Sphere

In September 2022, we cast our 500th Energy Sphere! We are delighted that, just about two years after their introduction, so many of these luminous counterforces to Wi-Fi, 5G, satellite internet, and more have been introduced to the world - from America to Europe, Asia, and even Australia.

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