Relux source energy lens


  • Harmonization against electromagnetic pollution, also for on-the-go use
  • Stress reduction
  • Enhancement of well-being
(incl. VAT, free shipping within Germany)

Function and Application

The Relux source energy lens is meticulously handcrafted in close collaboration with Lichtblick e.V. Glass Art and Research. Thanks to the glass's specially formulated alloy and its unique shape, the Relux source energies can be effectively infused into the surroundings, filling a space of 25m².

Harmonization of Electrosmog

The Relux source energy lens is suitable for personal use in addressing electromagnetic pollution in living and working spaces caused by Wi-Fi, cordless phones, cell phones, baby monitors, and more. Each glass is intricately handcrafted, making it a truly personal treasure. Its practical size and shape allow for easy incorporation into everyday life and travel. As a result, it becomes a protective and balancing companion, even within a car.

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