Relux source mobile chip


  • Harmonization for Electrosmog, also suitable for on-the-go use
  • Stress reduction
  • Enhancement of well-being

Also available in sets of 3 and 5.

  • from 1 pcs.:  49,00
  • from 3 pcs.:  45,00
  • from 5 pcs.:  42,00
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For Harmonization against Electrosmog

The Relux mobile chip is simply adhered to smartphones, cordless phones, or Wi-Fi routers. The mobile chip enables harmonization and transformation of the increasingly strong radio frequency exposures in our daily lives. To counteract electromagnetic pollution, the mobile chip provides the body with a vitalizing, balancing, and expansive energy field.


Our Relux products, developed after years of research, allow for harmonization and transformation of the growing radio frequency exposures in our daily lives. After intensive development work, we succeeded in optimally and permanently integrating the Relux energies into carbon fibers, ensuring that the Relux mobile chip always maintains an optimal energy field and does not lose its effectiveness.

The Relux mobile chip can be easily adhered to smartphones or placed directly into device protective cases. For Wi-Fi routers, we recommend attaching 2 mobile chips. For tablets or laptops, we recommend our Relux source electric chips. If you change your device, you can easily remove your Relux mobile chip and attach it to the new device. In general, we recommend using cell phones as little as possible; please also refer to our TIPS and INFORMATION on the topic of electrosmog.

Protection against radio frequency exposure is more necessary than ever today

The World Health Organization classified mobile radiofrequency radiation as "possibly carcinogenic" at the same level as substances like lead, mold, and exhaust fumes.
Swiss Re, one of the world's largest reinsurers, places mobile radiofrequency radiation in the highest risk category.
Saliva Analyses in Electromagnetic Pollution

Berthold Heusel from Waterstudio Bodensee conducted various saliva samples for us using dark-field microscopy. Read more

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