Aurum source wall element


  • Equilibrium & Balance
  • Mood enhancement
  • Inner serenity
  • Enhancement of the LED light spectrum
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Function und application

The Aurum source wall element can be used with LED lighting and PC screen light. Our products do not shield or reflect electromagnetic fields. Instead, they counteract these stress factors by providing the body with balancing, harmonizing, and expansive energy fields.

LED light has a reduced spectrum focused on the essential energy consumption, mainly in the cool color spectrum. The Aetherquelle Aurum wall element complements this cool light spectrum with the dynamic power of gold, adding warmth to the color spectrum. It balances the induced pressure and imbalances.

It is suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, schools, and workplaces with computers and other LED devices. The element can be easily hung on the wall at the same height as or just below the LED lights. It should be directly oriented towards the light sources themselves.

The energy field of the Aurumquelle wall element can fill a room of 25m². As a complementary measure, treating the walls with our energy glaze has proven beneficial.

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