Aurum source energy lens


Glass lens for indoor and outdoor areas.

It promotes balanced serenity, mood enhancement, pleasant tranquility spreading from the heart throughout the body, and strengthens heart and breathing dynamics.

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Harmony and Balance

The energies of the Aurum source (Latin: Gold) energy lens flow through the entire body, starting from the heart. They also enliven the entire room atmosphere, making the space shine from within. When applied to the body, the lens brings the life forces into a harmonious balance and stimulates all rhythmic processes.

On a psychological level, it helps a person find peace and deal with life more calmly. Moreover, the gentle pink color of the glass imparts a loving sense of coming to oneself in a clarified, protected ReLux room climate. For the Aurum source energy lens, we have collaborated intensively with the glass artist Lucien Turci from the Lichtblick association. Through an extraordinarily difficult craftsmanship process, selected substances are melted into a special alloy and shaped into a unique form. This allows the Aurum source energies to be powerfully carried into the environment and spread throughout a space of 25m² and beyond.

The Aurum energy lens can be a companion during travels. It can be placed at the workplace or at home. The more consciously the user connects with this "golden piece," the more distinctly the peaceful atmosphere can affect both the individual and the room, making inner balance achievable and experiential.

The Gold

Gold (Latin: aurum) has been used for millennia where the noblest, most sublime, and highest aspects of humanity are to be touched. It is the metal of kings and gods. In fairy tales and myths, it symbolizes wisdom and perfection. It emanates qualities that have been closely associated with the sun and the heart since ancient times.

Among the seven primary metals, gold combines the highest values of physical and chemical properties and maintains a stable equilibrium. Harmony and balance, akin to gold, are the functions of the heart, which stands between all the polar processes of the human organism.

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