Aether source Aurum pendant


  • Equilibrium & Balance
  • Mood enhancement
  • Inner serenity 
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Gold (Latin: Aurum) has been used as one of the oldest remedies in the history of humanity. We harness the power of gold in our Aurum source products. The Aether source Aurum pendant stimulates harmony, balance, and rhythmic processes in the body. Its power can support inner balance and have a balancing and mood-enhancing effect.

The pendant can be worn around the neck day and night, with a different focus depending on its orientation.

Curved side facing the body: The power fully affects the body.

Curved side facing away from the body: the power radiates into the surrounding space.


Our energized mineral powder is melted into borosilicate glass by a master glassblower. Each pendant is a handmade unique piece.

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