Aqua Relux Carafe


Mouth blown carafe to vitalize water - fast, easy, for all with better taste and without having to carry boxes.

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Function and application

The AquaReLux carafe energizes and vitalizes cold and hot beverages of all kinds. Simply pour in water, juices, teas, sodas, or wine and enjoy the immediate refreshment for their physical and mental well-being.

Water is known as one of the most sensitive media of all - it quickly absorbs information from the environment and stores it over long periods of time. AquaReLux uses these properties of water to achieve an improvement in water qualities entirely without mechanical influences or chemical additives.

In the carafe, the water is energized and vitalized with the natural frequencies of gold, diamond, rose quartz and oxygen. It is mouth-blown and hand-formed very close to us, in Salem Castle, by a master glassblower, each one is unique. Additional energized Relux substances are melted into the glass. This creates the small nubs that surround the water and can transfer the Relux forces to it: its properties and taste are noticeably refined.

On a scientific level, the effects of the AquaReLux carafe can be demonstrated. A study conducted by Wirksensorik GmbH shows significant differences: "Light and upward openness, expansion and emphasis on the core, freshness, and invigoration.“ Read more.

See for Yourself

Changes in the crystallized water droplets can also be impressively visualized through dark field microscopy analysis. However, the best way to convince yourself is by directly comparing non-energized beverages with energized ones.

You can achieve this most effectively by placing an AquaReLux carafe next to a regular glass carafe. For the tasting, you can use tap water, juice, or even wine. Fill one half of the beverage into the AquaReLux carafe and the other half into the regular carafe, then pour from both into two glasses.

The beverage should be at room temperature at the time of tasting. Before tasting, try to avoid consuming anything with strong flavors (e.g., coffee or highly spiced foods) and attempt to create a sense of inner calm.

Take a small sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

Now you can compare the two drinks, paying attention to the following:

  • How does it taste on the front of your tongue and palate - rather pale and heavy, or light and tingly? Does an acid sensation develop at the back of the tongue or not?
  • Does it become difficult to swallow, or is this rather easy?
  • Does the water tend to get stuck in the larynx and/or chest area after swallowing, or does it pass freely into the body right away?
  • Do I feel rather heavy or light after drinking? Dull or refreshed? Empty or energized?
  • Does my drinking behavior change over several days with the energized drink?

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