Relux energy sculpture


Harmonization against electromagnetic pollution as well as transformation of disruptive earth energies and water veins. Enhancement of well-being, reduction of stress symptoms, supports deep and restful sleep.

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Function and Application

The Relux Energy Sculpture can have harmonizing effects on electromagnetic pollution as well as transform disruptive earth energies and water veins.

The diverse potential impacts of artificial electromagnetic fields (electromagnetic pollution) can manifest in the form of mood disturbances, lack of motivation, concentration and sleep disorders, feelings of tightness and pressure, nervousness and irritability, headaches, nausea, chronic stress, and much more. For more information on electromagnetic pollution and what you can do to reduce it, please refer to this source.

The ReLux Energy Sculpture is effective against externally penetrating radio frequency fields, as well as internally generated electromagnetic pollution. To counteract electromagnetic pollution, the energy sculpture provides the body with a vitalizing, balancing, and expanding energy field. This field is created because the cubic body made of spruce wood contains a special 5-stage arrangement of substance combinations including magnesium, silicon, beeswax, and 24-carat gold. This arrangement's structure and function are identical to our Relux Source (you can find more information on this under the topic of energy sources).

Transformation of Disruptive Earth Energies

Geopathogenic disturbance zones arising from water veins, rock fractures, faults, as well as intersections of Hartmann and Curry lines can have a burdensome impact on living and working spaces, as well as sleep conditions. Learn more about these sources of disturbance here.

To address this, we have integrated a specially developed Geometh plate into the base of the ReLux energy sculpture. Through the enlightening power of pure gold and the warming power of copper, geopathogenic disturbance zones can be bioenergetically transformed and balanced.

We enhance the copper's effect with the energy sculpture by incorporating copper in specific geometric shapes and precisely aligning them with the copper's own frequency proportions. This can create a consistent light throughout the space and enable a deep, restorative, and rejuvenating sleep. Body and mind can regenerate, gather strength, and begin the day with renewed vigor and freshness.

The ReLux energy sculpture can be easily and flexibly placed in offices, living rooms, or bedrooms.

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