Relux source electric chip


For harmonization against Electrosmog

  • Harmonization against electromagnetic pollution, also for on-the-go use
  • Stress reduction
  • Enhancement of well-being

The Relux source electric chip for fuse boxes, tablets, and notebooks.

Also available in sets of 4.

  • from 1 pcs.:  89,00
  • from 4 pcs.:  79,00
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For harmonization against Electrosmog from tablets and notebooks

The Relux source electric chip enables harmonization and transformation of the increasingly strong radio frequency exposures in our daily lives from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To counteract electromagnetic pollution, the electric chip provides the body with a vitalizing, balancing, and expansive energy field. The Relux source electric chip can be easily adhered to the back or underside of tablets and notebooks.

Harmonization of power lines

It is widely known that externally penetrating and internally generated radio frequency fields can cause disruptions. However, the phenomenon of "dirty electricity" is less understood: disruptive voltage fields can spread into a room from poorly insulated power lines. This is particularly noticeable in kitchens, workplaces, and sleeping areas, where a lot of time is often spent near power lines and/or outlets. When placed on the fuse box, the Relux Source Electric Chips can harmonize these disruptive fields and noticeably alleviate the room atmosphere. For small fuse boxes, 2 chips are needed, and for larger ones, 4 pieces.

Protection against radio frequency exposure is more necessary than ever today

The World Health Organization classified mobile radiofrequency radiation as "possibly carcinogenic" at the same level as substances like lead, mold, and exhaust fumes.
Swiss Re, one of the world's largest reinsurers, places mobile radiofrequency radiation in the highest risk category.

Here you can find additional TIPS and INFORMATION on the topic of electrosmog.

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