Vitalized water

How does spring water form? It is purified through layers of the Earth, cooled, and pressed through underground waterways. It widens, swirls, and moves, absorbing energy from the rocks and metals it flows through. Every sip is a delight that refreshes the entire body.

AquaReLux imitates the natural underground path of water up to the spring: it widens, concentrates, expands, and swirls the flow. It sensitizes the water to the influences of gold, iron, oxygen, and all those energies that promote growth, blossoming, and thriving. We work with the same forces that open up to all forms in nature and convey light and inner vitality.

Products for vital water

Aqua Relux Carafe

Mouth blown carafe to vitalize water - fast, easy, for all with better taste and without having to carry boxes.

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Aqua ReLux System

For installation on the main water line. Revitalizes and energizes your water, enhancing well-being.

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