Aqua ReLux System


For installation on the main water line. Revitalizes and energizes your water, enhancing well-being.

Water is known to be one of the most sensitive mediums - it quickly absorbs and stores information from its surroundings over extended periods. AquaReLux harnesses these properties of water to enhance its quality.

With AquaReLux, water is energized, revitalized, and noticeably refined using the intrinsic frequencies of gold, diamond, rose quartz, and oxygen.

In the AquaRelux system, water undergoes a complex and intensive revitalization process. Initially, it is penetrated with the power of iron and oxygen, and then it goes through three stages of vortexing. After a resting period, it is further treated with the power of gold in three additional vortexing stages.

The AquaReLux system is installed on the main water line and can be combined with commonly used water filters. Upon request, we are also happy to provide a complete activated carbon filter system.

The AquaRelux system is available in various sizes, depending on the required flow rates. We recommend the Size II device for households with 10 or more people; please contact us for pricing. Feel free to reach out to us; we are here to provide guidance and assistance.

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