Natural food stores

The organic market of approx. 490 sqm was completely refurbished by Holzhof.

The approx. 250 sqm health food store with 120 sqm bistro was built by the ...

For 36 years, Jürgen Blaas has been running the Grünkern natural food store in Schopfheim on the southern edge of the Black Forest.

On July 6, the new Lehenhof Bioladen was ceremoniously opened in the presence of many employees, friends and guests.

The 600 sqm "BIOritter" organic market (formerly BioMammut) in Schwäbisch Hall was taken over by Holzhof in the spring and has since been thoroughly overhauled and expanded.

We offer our customers a very wide range of organic food and ecological...

For our store we wanted a harmonization, because the exposure to electrosmog was already high in the old store, but was perceived again intensified by the LEDs.

The store was completely transformed energetically and atmospherically by harmonizing and strengthening the store energy/life forces with ReLux products.

The organic grocery store was able to more than double its selling space by opening up another room.