Individual room harmonization

For a new sense of living

Vitality, Harmony, Energy

For balanced living spaces

From our decades of experience, we know that a balancing impulse, placed at the right location, can enable an entirely new sense of living!

Spaces that previously felt oppressive and confined can be transformed into places where one can recharge, breathe freely, and relax.

By harmonizing the spaces, an effective protective shield is created, capable of balancing the influence of disruptive sources both within and outside your premises.

Energetische Wirkungen für Ihr Produkt

Your home - Your energetic protective shield

The atmosphere of each room has its unique characteristics and is significantly influenced not only by apparent factors like furnishings, lighting, and color schemes but also by disruptive sources such as electromagnetic radiation and water veins. These include mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and inverters. External factors such as high-voltage power lines and mobile communication towers also play a significant role.

We analyze the stressors in your spaces and provide tailored solutions to address your needs. Our mobile harmonization team treats your rooms and takes care of all the necessary work for you.



In the first step of our harmonization program, we apply our colorless Relux Energy Glaze to walls and ceilings. This is done by one of our experienced team members using an airless compressor. This method allows us to achieve a uniform and very fine layer. Once the glaze has dried, no changes in color are visible on your surfaces.

With the help of the Energy Glaze, we create a room climate that can be compared to an energetic protective shield. The Relux Energy Glaze dries transparent and can be applied to virtually all surfaces, including stone, concrete, plaster, paint, wallpaper, clay, and wood surfaces.

Harmonization measures

In the second step, individual products will be installed to energize the more heavily burdened areas. These include:

  • Harmonization of your homes' power lines
  • Transformation of disruptive earth rays and water veins
  • Harmonization of strong electrosmog
  • Vitalization of drinking water

Process of harmonization

Analysis of disruptive sources and harmonization concept

Based on your house plans and floor layouts, we analyze your rooms for stressors from both internal and external sources. Subsequently, we can provide you with detailed and customized solution proposals tailored to your premises.

This concept is offered to you without obligation and is free of charge.

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