The Relux principle

After decades of research into the techniques of lightness and the infinitely available suction forces, it has been possible to accumulate these energies in large accumulators using selected materials

in large devices we have constructed. Various natural substances can absorb and strenghten these forces and release them permanently into the environment. Discover more about the principle of energy in our animation.

Take a look behind the scenes as we explain the function of our energy sources and how the energized force fields enable the effectiveness of our products.



Modern techniques of gravity forces

Over a few decades, technology has significantly transformed our lives. Whether it's transportation, communication, workplace technology, or home appliances, almost nothing would function properly if any of these technologies were to fail. Life has become easier as a result, and who would want to forgo this progress? Technological advancement has been made possible with the help of energies that are all present in the gravitational field of the Earth: mechanical energy, heat, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, and radioactivity.

RELUX - Techniques of lightness forces

Now the next technological advancement must follow due to the resulting overweight in the Earth's gravitational field. The aim is to restore the balance of forces in the natural environment. It involves strengthening the forces of lightness, structure, and antigravity. Our RELUX products operate using these forces and their laws.

For many years, we have been studying the inherent nature of substances, movements, rhythms, proportions, and forms. From this research, we developed our technique of lightness. It involves combining different substances with polar properties in a specific way and arranging them at appropriate distances. This has led to the creation of a multitude of "energy towers" that generate energies with very specific properties for various applications. Selected carrier materials are charged with these energies, turning each of our products into a permanently effective energy source.


Our energy sources

We developed accumulators that enable us to concentrate, focus, and permanently emit the endlessly available energies in space through our products.

With these accumulators, the constructive and healing aspects in humans, spaces, and nature can be supported.