Research on ReLux technology

The primary objective of ReLux research is to demonstrate the existence of the four types of ether, known as thermal, luminous, chemical, and vital ether. This research aims to establish a counterbalance to all the energies that increasingly and globally power technology.

These energies—mechanical heat, electricity, magnetism, and radioactivity—are forcibly unleashed from matter. What has been neglected until now is the other state of energies, that which pertains to substance formation and matter construction,

before these forces are countable, measurable, or weighable. Can these forces also be harnessed? Our research is precisely concerned with this subject. The possibilities that arise from the perspective of constructive forces are boundless.


How can the influence of etheric forces on humans be demonstrated? This question has been at the forefront of our research activities since their inception. We began with imaging techniques and expanded them, for example, with well-being questionnaires. In this way, we could establish the foundations for experimental setups and gain important insights.

When exposed to electromagnetic stresses, remarkable changes were observed in saliva samples. The impact of LED lighting on well-being and saliva samples was investigated, and the balancing effects of Aurum source energies were made visible.

Through the use of a questionnaire, we assessed whether the well-being in a health food store noticeably changes when Relux products are put into effect.


Current Studies

Extensive research projects have been funded by the Software AG Foundation, in which the influences of etheric forces can be demonstrated both directly in humans, such as in heart rate variability studies, and in artistic processes, such as in painting. The results are expected to be available in the spring of 2023.

Research Study: "Measurable Impact of Relux products on Humans"

The study focuses on the model of constructive natural energies and examines their compensatory effects on decay energies such as radioactivity, magnetism, electricity, and mechanical heat. The hypotheses are based on the principle of constructive energies as a counterbalance to deconstructive decay energies. The study commenced in July 2021, with preliminary results expected in early 2023.

Five hypotheses have been formulated:

Hypothesis 1 - Changes in vital parameters

Hypothesis 2 - Influence on erythrocytes and leukocytes

Hypothesis 3 - Alteration of biomarkers

Hypothesis 4 - Reduction of antenna effects

Hypothesis 5 - Ratio of negative to positive ions in the environment

The project involves the Methods and Techniques for a Healthy Environment Foundation and ReLux GmbH, among others, das Heilkundezentrum Zollernalb, Dr. med. Harald Banzhaf and Prof. Dr. Mario Babilon.

Research Study: The Effect of LED Lighting on Humans

Effect of LED Lighting

When LED lighting was introduced as a new, seemingly unavoidable standard a few years ago, reports of a distinct sensation of cold, pressure, and discomfort under LED lamps began to increase. We conducted experiments with a group of participants, using both saliva samples and well-being questionnaires to assess the effects of LED light and Aurumquelle energies. Significant differences were particularly noted during the analysis of the questionnaires.

Saliva Samples in Dark-Field Microscopy

Participants were asked to refrain from using their mobile phones and Wi-Fi for a day, if possible, in order to obtain "unburdened" saliva samples. Subsequently, the participants engaged in a 10-minute phone call, and samples were taken once again. The experiment was then repeated, but this time the phone call was conducted within the Relux field. Following this, samples were once again collected. You can view a selection of the images here:

Well-Being in an organic Store

When an organic store was being renovated, we took the opportunity to conduct a small experiment. Before the renovation, a group of approximately 12 individuals, mostly trained in their (self)perception, received a questionnaire. After the work was completed and the spaces were treated with Relux energies, the questionnaire was filled out again. While a blind study was not possible due to the circumstances, the statements were still very interesting and clear.


For many years, we have been deeply engaged in finding ways to improve the qualities of water in the gentlest possible manner. In addition to physical approaches such as flow and turbulence experiments, we primarily explore methods for energetic purification. Significant differences have been experienced in tastings, and they have been made visible in crystallization patterns. An experiment with a pond demonstrated that even small amounts of added rock flour resulted in a visibly improved water quality.

Water analysis using sensory evaluation

WirkSensorik GmbH offers a scientifically recognized method for trained observers to assess psychophysical quality differences in food and raw materials.

A panel of 11 individuals experienced in describing psychophysical food effects evaluated our samples using the EmpathicFoodTest and qualitative analysis based on free descriptions. The results were statistically analyzed.

We find the WirkSensorik method interesting because it is not only scientifically recognized and conducted by trained professionals but can also demonstrate qualities that a purely chemical analysis cannot provide, specifically the "effect behind the taste." For example: how do I feel after tasting a particular food? What changes occur in my well-being?

The test included untreated tap water and AquaReLux water (an early prototype of our AquaReLux system plus the carafe).

Swimming Pond Heiligenberg

From our neighborhood, the question was raised to us whether etheric energies could also be used to revitalize a pond. Despite having a filtration system and regular cleaning, the water quickly became cloudy, and a persistent, hard-to-remove algae growth reappeared shortly after cleaning. We added small amounts of rock flour that had been treated with Ferrumquelle and oxygen information to a watering can. After about 2 months, a significant reduction in algae growth was observed, and in the following summer, the bottom of the pond became clearly visible again. In the subsequent years, it was sufficient to add very small amounts in the spring and autumn, and in the summer, depending on the temperatures, approximately 1-2 times a month, a few tablespoons of rock flour.


Crystalization images of water droplets without and with the influence of the Relux energy sphere

Crystalization images of water droplets without and with the influence of the Relux energy sphere

Research Question: Do changes occur in water samples when they are placed in the vicinity of the Relux Energy Ball? For this experiment, water droplets were placed on a glass slide and photographed by Mr. Michael Mordo, an artist and water researcher, in September 2022 under dark-field microscopy.

Location: Residential area in the city center of Stuttgart


Strengthening soil fertility is another focus of our research. With specially designed energy towers for this purpose, we have succeeded in imprinting the dynamics of oxygen and other substances into rock dust and enhancing the four types of ether. By distributing the dynamized rock dust in compost, manure, and slurry, the respective processes were visibly supported or intensified. Biophoton investigations on spelt flour revealed a significant increase in self-emission.

Lentil seeds from the Keyserlingk Institute were moistened and treated with Aurum source for 24 hours before sowing. These plants exhibited significantly increased resistance to mold formation, and when tasting the harvest, the lentils' flavor was noticeably sweeter and overall better


Soil fertility

Lentil seeds from the Keyserlingk Institute were moistened and treated with Aurumquelle for 24 hours before sowing. These plants exhibited significantly increased resistance to mold formation, and when tasting the harvest, the lentils' flavor was noticeably sweeter and overall better. Initial compost experiments resulted in a significantly finer soil structure. Similarly, the nitrogen content was several times higher than in the control. In the case of cow and horse manure, temperatures increased significantly in some cases when energized rock dust was added. In initial experiments with slurry, nitrogen, among other substances, was bound to the solid matter. In biophoton investigations of spelt flour, a significant increase in self-emission was observed, indicating an enhancement of life forces.

Biophoton Examination of Spelt Flour

Can measurable differences in photon emission occur when samples are treated with etheric energies? We explored this question in a preliminary experiment in which we briefly treated spelt flour with our energy sources. The samples were then sealed in a light- and airtight manner and analyzed in the laboratory.

Excerpt from the laboratory report: 'The self-emission (EM) of the sample (treated with Reluxquelle) is 1.6 times that of the untreated sample. EM is the original photon emission of the sample - a measure of light activity in the ultra-weak radiation range. Based on our experience with the examination of LightYam samples in comparison with image force research, the intensity of EM correlates with the intensity of image forces... It can be understood as the gradient of the "general etheric constitution" of the sample... Conclusion: a clear strengthening of vegetative (living) forces with an overall enhanced "etheric constitution.'"

This passage describes the findings from an experiment where treating spelt flour with etheric energies resulted in a measurable increase in photon emission, indicating a strengthening of the sample's vital forces and its overall etheric constitution.

The Storage of vegetables with Relux energies

In a further experiment, we investigated whether there were differences in the storage of freshly harvested vegetables when subjected to Relux energies. Freshly harvested vegetables were stored in two refrigerated containers simultaneously for 10 days. One container was set up as a control experiment, while the other container was equipped with Relux energies. Significant differences were observed - the energized salads still appeared full and vibrant at the end of the experiment, whereas the control salads had wilted and become limp.

Aktuelle Studien

Thanks to the support of the Software AG Foundation, exciting projects were carried out in 2021 and 2022 at the Research Center in Darmstadt. The research question: Can the influence of electromagnetism (WLAN and cordless phones) on lettuce plants be demonstrated? And if so, can a balancing effect of the Reluxquelle force be determined? The results will be published next spring, so we cannot delve into them at this point. However, we can already reveal this much: in each of the 3 runs of the experimental series, there were highly significant results for both questions.

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