About Us

Gea and Relux

Research and distribution in nonprofit hands

Wolfgang Findeisen's extraordinary quest for knowledge in exploring the techniques of lightness was the catalyst for a group of individuals to create an external framework and the necessary space for this impulse. For this reason, the non-profit organization Gea gemeinnützige GmbH "Methods and Techniques for a Healthy Environment" was founded in 2010. The aim of this organization is to promote research

in techniques for revitalizing water, air, and the revitalization of the Earth. Through the insights gained from this research, products are developed that have a beneficial impact on both humans and the entire Earth organism. Our company, Relux GmbH, is responsible for product development, manufacturing, and distribution. All shares of Relux GmbH are held 100% by the aforementioned non-profit Gea,

meaning that all profits generated by Relux GmbH are reinvested in the nonprofit sector and further research on lightness techniques. Nevertheless, we rely on additional donations at Gea gGmbH to continue supporting and expanding our research.

Vor Ort

Our branch is located in Frickingen on Lake Constance. Our manufactory and our research facility are located on our premises. In the adjacent building, our factory hall, you will find our accumulators, with which we can bundle freely available energy in space.

This triangular structure allows us to build and develop our products in an iterative process. In this way, results from our research can flow directly into our product development and we have the opportunity to constantly expand our techniques. In addition, we offer seminars, training courses and guided tours at our premises on Lake Constance.