Das ist unsere Geschichte



20 years of RELUX and opening of the new production hall


Cooperation with WitVital-GmbH as partner for B2B projects as well as distribution of Relux products in Switzerland. Extensive research projects to prove the aether forces made possible by the Software-AG Foundation.


Development of the energy glaze for interiors and energy spheres for exteriors, thus enabling projects for harmonization of surgeries, businesses, and private homes.


Start of cooperation with the carpentry/shop fitting company Der Holzhof for the harmonization of organic stores and with Cosmosweaving for the distribution of Relux products in Taiwan and Asia.


Development and construction of currently a total of 10 energy towers with different modes of operation


Foundation of Gea gGmbH as a supporting body for research on the vital forces. Acquisition of the land and construction of the research buildings in Frickingen by Gea.


Relocation of production to Heiligenberg, Maria-Christina and Markus Schlegel join the company, first as temporary staff, later as full-time employees, foundation of Relux-GmbH (at that time as Findeisen & Hohly GmbH).


Construction and distribution on a small scale of Aether and Reluxquellen products


Bau erster Energie-Akkumulatoren von Wolfgang Findeisen und Andrej Hohly in Bietigheim-Bissingen, zuerst basierend auf den Spannungs­potenzialen von organisch-anorganischen Substanzen (nach Wilhelm-Reich). Entwicklung der „Technik der Leichtekräfte“ und Bau des ersten Reluxquelle Energieturms. Ursprünglich ohne Vermarktungs­interessen als Forschungs­projekt gedacht, entwickelt sich rasch eine Nachfrage an mobilen Produkten zur Eigenanwendung. 


Varied experiments and tests on substance effects and combinations by Wolfgang Findeisen